Company History

    The construction industry had been a traditional family occupation since 1906 with horse drawn dump wagons and earth scoops being used to do things like grading golf courses, excavating basements and the like. After the horses, came the dump trucks with chain drives and solid tires of the 1920’s. As the years went by the family business grew using more modern heavy equipment for mining coal, building highways and bridges and other types of general construction until the early 1970’s when the principles finally retired and closed the business.

   With the above family history and tradition in the construction industry, a young family member of the third generation decided to start a new construction company. The company, now known as Breckenridge Corporation, started out from scratch as a sole proprietorship general contracting firm in the spring of 1963. The start-up loan was paid off in less than six months and as the years rolled by the projects kept gradually getting larger and more numerous.

   With the increased work load came the hiring of some of the best skilled and honest hardworking people on the planet. Most of the original crew remained with the company until their retirement twenty and thirty years later. Today’s second and third generation work force carry on in their footsteps with equal skill sets and the same determination for a quality product.

   From the outset, the business philosophy of the company was of course to perform quality work and to always “give the customer a little more than full measure”.Sterling.jpg

   The company has expanded to fourth generation family members as shareholders and continues to present-day as a general contractor doing both small and large multi-million dollar projects for both private and government entities.

   Over the years the company has successfully delved into other ventures in addition to general construction including the mining, processing and shipping of coal, drilling and production of gas and oil, retail concrete sales, truck hauling and real estate development.